Eagle Marin – Remake

marin_redone_stepsThis is in English because it is a special post and I’m too lazy to post in both English and Portuguese. 😛

This is a remake I’ve done for Escher Girls. This amazing Tumblr made me laugh a lot, but also taught me about important things like observation to be a better artist, and the consequences of sexism and fanservice in animes/movies/games. As a female artist, I’m ashamed to say that I never took it so seriously before two facts: work in a game company and read Escher Girls.

So, here is Eagle Marin, from a card series called “Sacred Saga”, by Future Studio. As I told in my DA gallery, I have a special relationship with Saint Seiya (and Sailor Moon too), because they inspired me to draw more, and manga aesthetics influenced my art for years.

I don’t want to show myself as better than the artists from Future Studio or something like that, but I have to say this poor Marin is twisted in an inhuman way. I just wanted to fix her and put her in a correct postion – rear view or front view, not both at the same time!

I started by rear view, like her head and back are. I didn’t want to change the style, so her head is basicly the same. I had troubles with her feet, so I searched a lot of references to do them right. I also put some volume in her armor, to make it looks like a thin metal layer, not like a tissue ‘painted’ over the skin. I also made her proportions a little more realistic than the original.

After I made the front view, like her legs are; I also searched Shingo Araki‘s references to draw her like the anime style. I had the same issue with her feet (I googled references again and again). Same treatment to her proportions – and the head become smaller in the end.

I have no problem about sensuality and nudity in both genres, because I love to draw the human body. For this reason, I was remaking her ‘half-naked’ as the original image, but I thought this was kind of stupid – she appears dressed in anime! In my opinion Marin is not a sexy woman – Shina is sexier, even Aphrodite and Misty are sexier than her, LOL. To me, Marin is a strong female warrior (stronger than Seiya XD) so there is no need of fanservice here.

So, that’s it. The final remake is in my ‘oficial gallery’.


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